Fixing your BigBlueButton audio issue

So these past couple of days an issue came to light about the BBB servers we have running here at CDOT. The issue popped up after we had updated to the latest versions of the BBB packages. The audio on all three of our development servers had suddenly stopped functioning. We normally don’t even bother testing the audio on our machines as we only have one headset and it’s functioning ability is iffy so it took a while to determine when the issue actually sprung up. We took our third machine (Anatoly’s old machine) and wiped it clean and started from a fresh install. After spending all day reinstalling and updating everything we finally got to setting up the bbb-apps development environment. We tested the server and bingo – broken audio. Yay!

After talking with Fred the cause of our issue was finally nailed down.

If you’re having issues with the audio on your BBB server run the commands; sudo bbb-conf –clean; sudo bbb-conf –clean. If you see the following line in the output of the clean command following the steps below could very well resolve your issue.

# Error: File not found: /usr/share/red5/webapps/sip/WEB-INF/

*Steps for fixing the above error*

sudo service red5 stop
sudo apt-get install bbb-apps-sip
sudo chmod -R o+w /usr/share/red5/webapps
cd ~/dev/bigbluebutton/bigbluebutton-apps
gradle clean war deploy
sudo service red5 start

Hopefully that fixes your issue and doesn’t cause others.

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